YB12 Results Program

Strategy, Empowerment, Results. The YB12 Results Program delivers a 3 phased approach to galvanise your team to produce spectacular results.

The YB12 Results Program is a powerful 12-month program designed to leverage the business and team’s capability and deliver real business returns. Centred around 3 key elements, Strategy, Empowerment and Results, the YB12 program sets direction, and galvanises and empowers the organisation or team to action, to produce spectacular results.

Sharon is known for her interactive, engaging and high energy training. With consistent feedback of 'Awesome', "I was engaged ALL DAY", '"Professional and worth every moment", "Excellent!", "Best program I've ever attended", Sharon knows her stuff and enjoys making learning (and achieving results) enjoyable.

Public and In-House Programs:

AchieverNet's flagship program, the YB12 Results Program, is complemented by a suite of Corporate programs across a range of people skills areas, including. 
  • The Confident Presenter: Present like a professional. Learn how to prepare, design and deliver presentations with impact and influence. 
  • The Productive Day: Get more done in a day than you used to in a week. Learn strategies to clear your Inbox, streamline your productivity and overcome procrastination. 
  • The Star Salesperson: Blitz the budget. Learn how to master the sales process to get in front of more people, add value to the sales conversation and close more deals. 
  • The Deliberate Leader: Learn the frameworks to set the vision, galvanise action and deliver both bottom line results and an engaged team. 
  • The Creative MasterMind: Innovation and creativity are at the heart of staying fresh and future focussed. Learn techniques to think and create in new exciting ways. 
  • The People Reader: Learn how to people-read and more easily connect with others, as well as understand, appreciate and leverage your own strengths and priorities. 

Free Online Course: Clear the Inbox Chaos

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