Wow, am I ever privileged to work with amazing clients, nationally and locally, across a broad range of industries.  What they have in common is an ideal to enrich the work environment and develop a team of empowered and more capable individuals.

Working with clients over a 12 month period means I get to know them well, enriching the program experience and results gained. 

It also means I get to know the real issues impacting on people, so that I can deliver the right support at the right time. 

My clients are the most amazing companies doing wonderful things to help their people develop so they can better help you as a customer.


Urzula Richards
Urszula Richards - Business Owner, Onlineiq

"I have had coaching with Sharon from AchieverNet for the last 3 months and having someone with Sharon's wealth of experience and amazingly practical support has literally lifted me out of the going around in circles that happens when you're running your own business and only have yourself to guide you.

I've feel I have become completely unstuck through the support and accountability set up with the coaching. Sharon is incredibly genuine, warm and super smart. Thank you."

Helen Cutler - Workforce Development, ACH Group

"It goes without saying that The Confident Presenter program has provided a positive movement in our organisation and created a shift in how we present at ACH Group. Best presentation skills training I have seen! Sharon, your energy and passion and ability to listen to our objectives and match with a fantastic workshop ultimately was the deciding factor in booking this program with AchieverNet. The program delivered the outcomes we wanted to achieve, and the participants are actively using the skills in all aspects of their role.

The Confident Presenter program has given participants confidence, with their presentations at the Leaders Forum unforgettable and showing the rest of the business how it is done. They have used the skills learnt to improve current presentations in other parts of the business to ensure listeners/leaders receive the best experience they can! Thanks Sharon!!"

Lizzy Eden - Personal Stylist

"I've had my exciting business as an Image & Style Consultant for the past seven years. And while it's continued to grow steadily, I got to a point where I really needed some help to take it to the 'next level'. I knew that meant I'd need a business coach or mentor of some sort. It seemed that every time I turned around there was another person claiming to be a 'business coach'. I really didn't feel I'd connected with anyone enough to work with until I met the amazing Sharon at an EBEC business event.

Well, I loved her straight away & the fact that she has a background in Image Consultanting connected us straight away. We chatted about me possibly taking on business coaching, what it would involve and the outcomes I could expect. As promised Sharon followed me up and we booked my first session!

I've had four sessions with Sharon now and my business has shifted significantly. Sharon has brought to my attention important issues I've either neglected, failed to implement, or simply not even considered! Sharon has and is challenging me to be consistent and persistent at a level I should have been applying long before now. I tend to procrastinate - a lot. Having Sharon's direct but gentle guidance, knowledge and encouragement has been 'priceless'!! My business has already gone to that 'next level' and still going!! We've already got a plan in place for 2018 with a greater vision for my business - so excited!! I have a long way to go but I have even more determination, belief and energy to grow bigger and better!!
If you're thinking about business coaching or mentoring, consider working with Sharon Kaibel - she'll help you get where you want and need to be!!"