Hi.  Sharon Kaibel here (pronounced Kye-bul).   Some of you may know me as Sharon Moore.  I now have a weird surname from a relatively new and wonderful hubby of 5 years.

I've been a Professional Speaker, Trainer and Facilitator since 1993 (so I guess you could say I've been in the game for a while now).

My area of speciality is Performance and Productivity, helping people gain greater influence through improved leadership, communication, sales and presentation skills.   And I'm proud to be a YB12 Coach, specializing in the YB12 Results Program, a 12 month journey of discovery to help participants have the best 12 months of their professional and personal lives.

And I suppose you could say I am also qualified to be on stage.  I'm a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), a designation awarded by the National Speakers Association (US) and the National Speakers Association of Australia, and held by less than 10% of professional speakers worldwide, with only 90 or so CSP's in Australia.  This is the international standard of competence to indicate a speaking professional with proven platform skill and experience.  What this means is I have spoken in front of a lot audiences, over a long period of time, and have a lot of happy clients.

This site is designed to be an insight on topics close to my heart.  Please contact me at AchieverNet; I'd love to chat about ways I can help support your learning journey.  Phone me on +61 411690838
Okay, so that's the official part.  

Training, Learning and Development, Educating ...  It's kept me entertained for the past 25 years, not easy for someone as easily distracted as I can be. I have worked with thousands of people from every different industry group, to help them be better salespeople, leaders, public speakers, and dare I say it, better people.

When I'm not in front of an audience or in front of the computer, you might catch me on the sidelines of the football oval, watching my son play, or chatting with my daughter about life and its rhythm. You might also see me trying to harvest a crop from my veggie pots (I'm not really a green thumb but I like to think I'm doing my bit to return to nature), doing a bit (or a lot) of retail therapy, or relaxing with friends.   I was born and raised in Darwin NT, but never went back after the '74 cyclone.  I travel a lot with my work and have dreams of one day retiring back in the tropics, but for now, happily call Adelaide home with my husband, kids and very cute puppies.