07 October 2015

How to create your Operations Manual the easy way, so you can get back to business!

Creating policy and procedures documents is a necessary step if you want to systemise and scale your business for growth .

But it can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Particularly if you add images to show people the step-by-step instructions (which is good practice by the way).

Because of the work involved in compiling instruction documents, they are rarely updated, if at all.

I’ve found an easy tool to take the time and frustration out of creating instructions. This tool allows you to capture every step as you move through a work-flow, instantly collating the different steps into a training or procedures document. Voila! Done!

It’s called Clarify2. 

It’s somewhere between normal screenshot software and full screen recording software. Clarify 2 instantly inserts your screenshots into a word document and allows you to add text and other mark-ups to clearly show each step.

Clarify2 has loads of time-saving features. If you’ve battled with multiple applications to create and edit screen shots within documents, this little gem does it all for you. It creates editable screenshots, right within the document.

You can add text, mark them for instructions, add annotations, and so much more. And once you’re done you can create documents or share them by email or online. Easy peasy.

If you need to change part of your process, you can easily replace the image with a new screenshot of the same size. And you can easily re-order, delete of insert steps.

You can try out this nifty little tool for free. Go to Clarify-it.com for a free 14 day trial. It won’t break the bank when you come to buy the full edition (which I’m sure you will when you see what it can do). It’s only US$29.99.

I’m sure you’ll come up with your own uses for Clarify2 (I’ve just created feedback instructions for a designer who’s updating some of my online banners).

To get you going, here’s a couple of other ways you could use Clarify2:

  • Create customer response documents to respond to queries
  • Develop FAQ fact sheets
  • Answer a co-workers questions
  • New employee induction manuals
  • Employee instructions
  • Screenshots for presentations

If you’re keen to see how it works some more, check out their Product Tour

Now just to be clear, I get nothing from promoting this product. What I am about is helping people streamline their productivity. This is a great software tool to help take the time and frustration out of many everyday tasks.

Technology is wonderful when it works and the bane of our lives when it doesn't.

This new tool that has saved me oodles of time, and works like a charm!

Check it out and let me know what you think of Clarify2. And let us all know how you’ve used it in your business.