13 February 2015

A new direction and journey to help you to Have Your Best 12 Months Yet!

Thank you to my dear readers, friends and contacts who have made contact with me over the past few weeks, wondering where I've been and what I've been up to.

There's been changes afoot and I am pleased to announce that after 6 years of working with a great team, it was time to move on.  In January this year, I made the decision to re-start my own training business, AchieverNet.  It was initially a name to explore the online world of success resources on the internet but has now come to represent the creation of a network of achievers.

Many of you know that I am passionate about personal development and this has been a wonderful period of reflection and an opportunity to reevaluate what's important, what direction I truly want to take and what I feel I can contribute that adds the greatest value.

And I have found a wonderful product partner to go on that journey with.  I have made the decision to join forces with YB12 as a Corporate Results Coach.  YB12 reflects the notion of having 'Your Best 12 months of your professional and personal life'.  Let's face it, isn't that what we all want, to feel like we've had a great year, one in which we've achieved what we set out to, and one that has added value to our own sense of well-being and also to those around us.

I have moved from looking at the YB12  materials for my own personal journey, to being so inspired by the program content that I decided to move into becoming a Corporate Coach, specializing in the YB12 Results Program, working with organisations on a 12 month journey to success.

So what is the YB12 Results Program?  It's a powerful 12-month program centred around 3 key phases, Strategy, Empowerment and Results, designed to galvanise a team to produce spectacular results.

Starting with a Strategy session to set the organisational direction and galvanise the team, and with monthly Life Skills Coaching over 12 months delivering a targeted development plan to Empower the team, the YB12 Results Program delivers just that ... Results.

Many of you know that I have been in Learning & Development for over 25 years now.  And I'm proud to say that as a Corporate Coach I am able to offer the YB12 suite of Corporate Programs:

> The Confident Presenter: Present like a professional. Learn how to prepare, design and deliver presentations with impact and influence.
> The Productive Day: Get more done in a day than you used to in a week. Learn strategies to clear your Inbox, streamline your productivity and overcome procrastination.
> The Star Salesperson: Blitz the budget. Learn how to master the sales process to get in front of more people, add value to the sales conversation and close more deals.
> The Deliberate Leader: Learn the frameworks to set the vision, galvanise action and deliver both bottom line results and an engaged team.

As well as a couple of new programs that are fun and fresh:

> The Creative MasterMind: Innovation and creativity are at the heart of staying fresh and future focussed. Learn techniques to think and create in new exciting ways.
> The People Reader: Learn how to people-read and more easily connect with others, as well as understand, appreciate and leverage your own strengths and priorities.

I have started the year with a couple of clients who've jumped straight on board this 12 month journey.  For whom I am immensely grateful.

I feel honoured to have received feedback of "Awesome!", "I am TOTALLY engaged", "Worth every moment", "Excellent!", "Best program I've ever attended".   And we're only just starting!  What makes things especially exciting is how engaged all participants are: how excited they are to be working on their own personal goals, and how committed they are to the strategic direction of the organisation.  There's a buzz happening and it's exciting!

I am pleased to have found a program that is exciting, empowering and energizing and is also a great values fit with my belief that business owners and leaders know their business better than I do, and that they have smart people - people who are more than capable and given half the opportunity to contribute, will give their all to increase capacity, standards and results.

I am back in a position where I can truly offer the best of myself to help organisations, teams and individuals create their best 12 months ever.

As background, the program has been put together by a team of psychologists to be a journey of unfolding personal capability and empowerment, and is proven across more than 20,000 participants. The testimonials are thick and strong, with a major Financial Services firm attributing a 200% sales increase directly to the YB12 Program (which equated to a one billion dollar increase to their bottom line)!  This stuff is awesome!

I look forward to reconnecting in a new capacity ... and perhaps even helping you to Have Your Best 12 Months Ever!