17 December 2013

Reinvent Yourself in 2014

Reinvention is a magical word.  It’s about keeping the good stuff and adding and creating new stuff that’s even better.   Reinvention brings ‘something back into existence or popularity after a period of neglect’, or ‘radically changing the appearance, form, or presentation of something or somebody’.  How can you bring back into your life those things you value that you’ve neglected, or redesign your life to make it what you want?

Here are 10 focus areas for reinventing yourself in 2014:
  1. Reflection: Find time to sit under a tree to ponder and plan. Use the KISS format: What’s working that you want to Keep; What can you learn from, tweak and Improve; What isn’t working that you need to Stop doing; and What could you Start doing that is innovative and might make a difference in your world?
  2. Passion: Consider what electrifies and excites you. How can you add more of this to your year? Add dedicated time for this activity to your calendar now so you can start strongly in the New Year.
  3. Clarity: Think deeply about what you want over the coming year. Create a hardcopy and online notebook to journal your ideas and plans for 2014. Good ideas come and go so make sure you capture them immediately. 
  4. Values: What do you want to stand for over the next year? Decide what you will commit to. Use these values to filter your decisions and resolve issues. If ‘family’ is one of your values, you’ll make a different decision when faced with an exciting job prospect that involves a huge amount of travel away from home, to the one made if ‘career progression’ was top of your list.
  5. Goals: Decide your transformational goal for the year. What do you want to look back on at the end of the year with pride? Last year, my goal was to change my home space. We started by renovated our existing home and finished the year by purchasing a new home; very satisfying to place a big tick alongside at the end.
  6. Actions: What do you want to become known for? Your actions are observed by others and create your reputation. Create a set of ‘trademark behaviours’ that define you. For example, do you want to be known as the person who is ‘always interested to check in on how things are going’ or the person who ‘never says hi’?
  7. Focus: How will you maintain focus when things get busy? Determine a strategy in advance to make sure you don’t get distracted. For my fitness goal, I get my gear ready the night before, and have my alarm away from the bed to get me up and out early. 
  8. Fun and Frivolity: What do you enjoy that you’ve not done in a while? Book into the comedy festival, arrange a winery tour with friends, set a dinner date with your partner. Arrange in advance something you can look forward to each month. 
  9. Celebration: It’s common to beat ourselves up for what we haven’t done. What will you do reward yourself for all the things you do that make a difference to your life or others?
  10. Gratitude: Be grateful for all the wonderful people and the amazing circumstances in your life. We live in a privileged, abundant world. Stop comparing yourself to others. Take time to look around to see what you do have. Enjoy and be grateful for being you. 
If you're completely happy with the way you're life is working for you, keep on doing what you're doing. If you want more from life, have fun reinventing yourself.