24 May 2013

The 7 steps to become a better public speaker.

Want to be a better public speaker?  Learn the 7 key steps to prepare, design and deliver a powerful presentation:
  1. Purpose and Preparation: Learn the critical questions to determine your purpose and outcomes; and what you must know before you design your presentation.
  2. Presentation Design: Discover 3 fast and easy ways to quickly plan and design an effective presentation; and learn effective outlines for different types of presentation.
  3. Create High Impact Visual Aids: What you need to know to avoid ‘Death by PowerPoint’; and how to use other Visual Tools to add interest and variety.
  4. Manage Anxiety: Discover the physical and mental preparation techniques to overcome nerves; and how to get back on track if the sweats overtake you while presenting.
  5. Deliver with Confidence: Learn techniques to help you look like you own the stage; and find out what to do with your hands.
  6. Question Time Techniques: Maintain interest and credibility through question time; and manage Hecklers and Know-it-alls easily and respectfully.
  7. Professional Presence: Learn the art of preventing clothes or mannerisms from being a distraction through your presentation.
Discover the techniques to design a powerful presentation in minutes, deliver with confidence and make an impact when next you are called to present at a meeting, conference or social event.   Contact me to book in to one of our public programs, or to book a session for your team or individual coaching.  And become a confident, skilled, and engaging presenter.