02 May 2013

Change of direction for Blog

Just a short post to announce a small change of direction for my Blog. I have decided to change the direction to focus more on Leadership and Personal Effectiveness. So I will still post my thoughts but focused more on Leadership Insights, interspersed with noteworthy information, articles and items from other sources.  This will include interviews with people who are strong in their personal leadership and effectiveness. 

Up until now, I have simply tweeted items of interest and they get lost in the melee of cyberspace.  I'm aiming to now blog about those important and relevant items of interest in the hope that you also might find them useful. And over time I hope we become cyber friends.

I haven't posted over the past few weeks due to a few major distractions but aim to get back to at least weekly posts.  I'm also aiming at changing around my blog a bit to make it more relevant and useful as a leadership resource. And I'll be getting some short videos done soon too.  So come back again soon. 

And by the way, thanks for being here to read my Blog - I appreciate and honour you!