20 March 2013

My cheeky little secret to managing multiple projects quickly and easily.

TeamworkPMManaging a series of tasks can send you into chaos, particularly if you are working on multiple projects at one time.

What if you had an easy to use system to streamline your tasks and help you keep on top of all your projects?

What if you could order and timeline tasks, have reminders sent when tasks are due, communicate with team/project members easily (with a record attached to the project), and attach all associated files so they're easy to find and use?

And that's not all.  What if you could add notebooks that all project team members could access and add to, and create links to files, video, surveys etc so that all information is accessible from one place?  And because time is money, what if you could add time logs, and add billing for time and expenses?

Sounds like a pretty impressive list of things to help with your project management?

Well, that's only a smattering of the features available within teamworkPM, an online project management software that is simple, intuitive and comprehensive.  Having used MSproject which can be convoluted and complex to master, teamworkPM is a breeze!  I've used it for two of my projects and I absolutely love the simplicity of use and structure.

And because it's cloud based, it can be accessed anywhere.  The reporting is solid, the ability to add and communicate with multiple users is simple, and the project features are robust with milestones, timelines and sub-tasks easily created and sorted.

You can try it out FREE for an unlimited time, with up to 2 projects and 10MB storage.  And there are terrific organisational plans with many additional features.  I don't normally recommend products unless I'm impressed with them, and this one is impressive!  As an advocate of productivity and performance, I'm always on the lookout for useful tools to help people get more done.  This is one such tool.   Check it out for  yourself and let me know what you think: teamworkPM