11 February 2013

7 reasons you need to get over yourself.

Get over yourself!

It's fascinating how so many of us completely under-achieve to our potential.  So many dreams, dashed; hopes, hacked.


Because of fear.  We procrastinate because we fear the outcome may not be perfect. We don't begin just in case we don't finish. And we hold back, so we don't get criticised.

What an awful waste of talent and potential.

You are so much BETTER than that! 

I listened to a terrific webcast today (with Gary Ryan Blair of 100 Day Challenge fame), who says that everything in life is a Test, a Lesson or an Opportunity; in that order.

Problem is, the majority of people never make it past the test.  They simply give up before they get the lesson.  And it's only when we get the lesson that we can turn it into an opportunity.

Wow! Made me think (it does happen sometimes). 
We need to get over ourselves and get on with it.  We need to stick with our goals through the test that will inevitably happen, get the lesson within the test, and ultimately, realise the opportunity.

And at every step, you need to get over yourself to get on. 

Because if you don't get over your fear, doubt, indecision and anxiety, 7 things will definitely happen:
  1. Your goals will be achieved, but not by you
  2. You'll suffer the ongoing guilt of another unrealised project, goal or commitment
  3. You'll be seen as someone who is undisciplined and unfocussed 
  4. Your legacy and gift to the world will go unrealised 
  5. You'll go through life feeling that you have so much more to offer
  6. You'll feel unfulfilled at a core level
  7. You won't make the contribution to the world or the difference to someone else's life that you otherwise might have.
And that's not only sad, but tragic. It's a tragic waste of your potential.  You owe it to yourself and others to do what you set out to.

You have a gift and it's one that no-one else has.  It is unique to you.  And it desperately yearns to be unwrapped so other people can see it.  You owe it to yourself to just get on with it.

If you need some help to get over yourself and on with your goals, check out The 100 Day Challenge.   It's a great way to stay focussed on what you want, help stay true to what you want and get on with it.

What are you waiting for?