04 February 2013

3 essentials to take a quantum leap and get the results you want

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the 100 Day Challenge.
In January, I started a One Hundred Day Challenge.  100 days to gun it and achieve what I want in a couple of areas of my life.

It's been fabulous!!!  Day 22 and I've stuck with it and accomplished more in the past month than I usually do in several.   I'm down to my goal weight, achieved my best fitness result ever and actually DONE several courageous things that up til now have sat on my wish list, unfulfilled.

But I've had some help.  I'm on a mission to achieve a Quantum Leap in my life and I don't think for a moment I can do it alone.

I wanted to raise the bar in my life.  I'm not getting any younger and I don't want to waste any more time.  Are you in the same place?  Where you're no longer prepared to accept less than you are capable of?

Here are 3 things that I've found essential to help move my goals from a Hope/Dream/Wish mindset to a 'I'm doing it/I did it!' list.

Number One: 
Find someone who can help you!  Get an accountability partner who will hold you responsible to your goals, remind you regularly of what you've promised yourself and give you strategies to overcome hurdles.

I joined The 100 Day Challenge as my accountability program and it is FABULOUS!!  I get daily videos to keep me on track (4-6 minutes a day so its not onerous), an online task prioritiser so I can set my tasks for the next day (which is then emailed to me, and to an additional accountability partner if you choose).  I also have access to goal forms and planners, post action and weekly reviews, additional information to help challenge what I'm doing on a daily basis, a forum to connect with others following the challenge (they are supportive and invaluable), inspirational videos and other occasional bonuses emailed through from time to time. You can do the Challenge with a partner too.  It is a fabulous program - I've stuck with it every day, which is testament to how interesting and effective it is. I love opening the new daily video! Anyhow, check it out.

If you're looking for a more health and fitness based accountability partner, check out the Early to Rise Transformation Contest which is a forum where you set your goals in 3 categories: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.  Then you have a chance at winning cash prizes depending on how you go.  The forum group is incredibly supportive (I now feel very connected and accountable to people all over the globe).

I love both these sites as they have a slightly different flavour and focus.  I'm using the ETR Transformation Contest to record what I've done each day.

Number Two: 
Decide what you'll commit to.  Gary Ryan Blair's first lesson is Get Serious and Grow Up.  Talk about confronting.  What are you prepared to set your mind to, and keep at, until you achieve it?  It's 'only when you decide you're done playing games, done settling for table scraps, done standing on the sidelines while other people live in nicer homes and enjoy a better quality of life, that your life will change'.  You'll only make a Quantum Leap only when you are truly focussed and committed.  You'll get fit when you decide to get fit.  You'll start your new business when you decide to start your new business.  You'll get rich when you decide to get rich.

I know this intellectually but over the past few weeks I've experienced it in action.  Once I'd committed to my goals, I've started noticing wonderful opportunities that keep cropping up aligned to my goals.  Do do do do (did you hear the tune there?).  Spooky!  I think it's when we truly commit that our RAS (Reticular Activating System) kicks in and we start tuning in to what we're focussed on (similar to when you buy a new car, you start noticing it everywhere!).  Don't be casual about your life (or if you do, be prepared to accept whatever comes your way). Set your vision and decide once and for all, that this is YOUR time!  Other people, less talented and less skilled than you, have achieved what you want, and you can to!  You must make a decision whether YOUR time is now.

In practice, I sat under a tree in January and made decisions about what I truly wanted this year.  I wrote my personal vision and personal life rules (a list of 12 things I absolutely commit to), and prepared a daily checklist of things I must do to fit these into my life (which I read every morning - well, maybe not some weekends when I'm commited to recreation).  Now I set 5 tasks every day towards my goals.  Sometimes I achieve them all, sometimes they are carried over, but one thing I know is I've achieved a heck of a lot more than ever before.  And I'm on my way to my bigger goals (and some I've already achieved).  I'm not perfect or that disciplined that some things don't slip, but having a plan for where you're heading is a much better way than drifting.  These strategies are not new: I just decided to commit to them.  What decisions do you need to make about your life?  What are you prepared to commit to?  What strategies will you use to help you stay on track?  Decide.

Number Three:
Believe that a Quantum Leap is within your grasp.  A Quantum Leap is where you make transformational rather than an incremental change in your life.  It's where you leapfrog to a much higher level than where you are right now.  It's a breakthrough, an explosive jump in your performance and results.  It's a Big Bang!  Gary Ryan Blair has the most eloquent way of explaining the Quantum Leap in the 100 Day Challenge.  It's where you sidestep average or typical results and make a massive yet elegant jump to a place beyond the boundary of the probable.  Many people have done it; gone from Rags to Riches, from Secretary to CEO, from Fat to Fabulous.  And why not you?

This is about getting out of your own way and not accepting the excuses that have ruled you to now.  Its about leveraging the results of those who've gone before you (hopping on the shoulders of giants).  You don't need to reinvent the wheel.  But you do need to find a system that works.  It's about acting AS IF success were guaranteed.  It's about believing that you have so much more in you and be willing to just get on with it. It's about behaving with total conviction that you can, will and are are doing it.

It's about faith in yourself.  This faith can come from being crystal clear in what you want, committing to it, and finding an accountability partner to keep you company on the journey.  And believing that you are capable of so much more.

You CAN make a Quantum Leap!