25 October 2012

What's the one degree of difference that makes all the difference in your results?

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We all want to be successful.  At our jobs, in our relationships, at play.

We put in a huge effort, striving to get great results.  And often, if the results don't happen quickly enough, we give up.  Too often, it's right before the break-through. Right before the next person who endures just that tiny bit longer to pip us at the post, and take all the winnings.

How many opportunities have been lost because you gave up too soon? 

At a recent corporate breakfast, our key message was based on a simple yet wonderful message from the video and book, 212 The Extra Degree.

Raising the temperature of water from 211 to 212 degrees (fahrenheit) changes it's nature, and the results you get.  'At 211 degrees, water is hot. At 212 degrees, it boils.  With boiling water comes steam. And steam can power a locomotive.'  This powerful metaphor reminds us that it's one degree that can make a difference ... often, THE difference.

Success at anything comes down to effort. Additional success requires additional effort. And it's that additional effort that can be the difference to winning and losing.

Some examples from the video / book:
  • Across professional golf tournaments (the US and British Opens, The PGA Championship and The Masters), the average margin of victory over 25 years was less than 3 strokes across 72 holes.
  • Across 10 years of car racing (the Daytona 500 and Indianapolis 500), the average margin of victory was 1.54 seconds, reaping the winner $1,278,813 (more than $650,000 in additional prize money than the second place winner).
Horse races are won by a nose.
Races are won by points of a second.
And whilst there may only be a marginal difference in the score, there's a big difference in winning the Gold ahead of second. 

So how do you turn up the heat to get better results?  To go from good to great?  To move from silver to Gold?

Think about what will make the difference in what you're trying to achieve. Do you need to make one more phone call?  Spend one more hour on a task?  Visit or talk with a friend every week? Spend an extra 15 minutes/day with your kids?  Do your top priority task first, every single day?

"Perseverance is not a long race: it is many short races, one after another." Walter Elliot.

  • One extra phone call per day equates to over 200 additional sales calls per year. 
  • One random act of kindness each week generates 52 goodwill moments that can have a massive  impact in someone else's life.
  • One hour of activity each day on priority tasks equates to 6 weeks of dedicated time in a year. 
  • Taking an hour a day to study something of interest can make you a national expert in that field within 5 years. (Earl Nightingale's inspiration to learners).

It's the habits we create, the focus we hold, the disciplines we enact to ensure that we stay true to what's important and drives our results. 

Remember, it's one extra degree; doing what we've never done, that will help us to get what we've never had. Triumph, victory, success .... may be just one extra step away.

'It's time to turn up the heat.' 

Take 3 minutes to watch the video 212 The Extra Degree. It may be the one extra thing you do today that prompts a massive difference in your results.