11 October 2012

The one simple action that can bring teams together

Get curious!Bring a group of people together, and you bring the benefit of a huge range of skills, experience and wisdom.  Harness this collective potential toward a common purpose, and you have a team.

The only way teams can access their true potential is to uncover the capabilities within each team member. 

Uncovering the potential involves getting curious.  It’s about being willing to explore what truly makes the other person tick; being open to hear their fresh perspective; and being willing to see life through their eyes.   If we can do that, not only can we build stronger, richer relationships within the team, but we also unlock the vault to discover hidden talents that can benefit the team enormously.

So, Get curious!  

Ask questions. Actually, ask great questions, and ask regularly.  Never assume you know all about someone or what they currently do or have done in their past.

Discover how your colleague does something, or what they think.  Find out their strategy to get a complex task done.  Ask them their viewpoint.  You’ll be amazed what you find out, not only about the job, but about them!
Make it a daily challenge to find out something new about one of your colleagues. 

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it sure brings teams alive.  Get curious!