08 February 2012

What's the one thing that can change your life?

What is the silver bullet that fixes all your problems, helps you reach your goals, and sends you on the path to success?

For many, it's a life-long search for the simple fix.

And it IS simple - are you ready?

The one thing that can change your life is to .... drum roll ... audience hush .... breath drawn ....


The difference between getting the same ol', same ol' and getting the results you truly desire is to commit to a decision rather than simply 'intend' to make changes in your life.

For years, I've been 'intending' to start an exercise program, stop the nightly glass or two of vino and get serious about my health.  But I've done nothing.  Except feel guilty. Why? Because I hadn't truly DECIDED that I would do what was needed - book into a class, set the alarm, get out of bed and don the sneakers to make it happen.  I WANTED it to happen, but I hadn't DECIDED it would happen. 

When you decide, things move from being desireable to mandatory.  From being a 'nice to do' or 'should do' to a 'must do'.  From being something you THINK about to something you DO something about.

It's the moment you decide that you will do what it takes that things happen, because you take action.  I decided I had to get fit for a forthcoming operation, no question.  At that moment, I made a commitment rather than an intention ... and I did a few things.  I called the trainer I'd seen do classes in the park and booked in.  And I went.  And went again. And again. No question. No excuses. No thinking.  Just action. 

I'd done a lot of thinking before the decision.  I knew the health benefits, I knew it would be hard to start but would get easier, and I knew that I would feel better for going.  But I still didn't go.  Because I hadn't made the decision.  I only thought about it.

It's decisions that create action.

I have two friends who were aiming to give up smoking.  One stopped, and siad she would never touch a cigarette again in her life.  And she meant it.  You could see it in her eyes and hear it in her voice that she held conviction.  She had decided.  And several years on, she is true to her word.

The other friend also stopped smoking, with the statement that he hoped it would last this time.  Yep, you guessed it, 2 months later the cigarette was back in hand and the sheepish look back on the face. Why? Because there was only an intention to give up smoking, not a real decision.

Decisions take commitment.  It's a choice where there is no fall-back, no uncertainty.  You follow the one pathway forward and don't look back.  Doing something else or going back to the old way is not an option. 

The decision defines you, it becomes who you are from that moment on. You raise your standard. You change ... for good.  You become the person who gets up every day to exercise, rain, hail or shine.  You become a non-smoker. 

Who do you want to become?  You decide!