02 December 2011

What's the real Secret to Success?

The promises are everywhere!  How you can Make money; Lose weight; Find a relationship; Get organised ... Be the most incredible success in everything you do!
You can find the 3 magical steps to earn millions in cash (over the next week); the 5 ways to influence your boss for a promotion that quadruples your pay; the 7 top tips to create abs of steel and lose 25 pounds in a week .... you get the drift.

Marketers think we're suckers, and maybe we are.  We're all looking for the silver bullet that shoots straight to our salvation from the stresses of modern life, create a better lifestyle and build an outstanding level of contentment.

But here's the thing.  There is no such magic salve. No silver bullet.  no easy way.  But ... there is good news.  You CAN create enormous success and significant results in your life.  There is a way! 

Here's the key ... Your success is up to YOU!

And if you're still looking for a way to the promised land, try this highly effective 7 step plan for success:
  • Decide what you want.  Get clarity about where you really want to head in your life, and what you're prepared to commit to in both the short and long term.  Clarity will help you make the day to day decisions about what to spend your time on, and what to avoid.
  • Map out an action plan to get you there (map what you need to do, by when, and who can help you along the way).  Don't make this harder than it needs to be.  A napkin is fine, a notebook is fine, an electronic list is fine.  Just do it. 
  • Start!  Getting started is easy when we are hyper-motivated; other times we need to lock in a start time and stick to it.  The important thing is to get going.  Nothing is achieved by thinking - you had your chance at this when you created your action plan.  Now is the time for Doing! 
  • Stick at it!  Find a way to keep yourself on track, whether that's scheduling appointments with yourself; finding an accountability partner; keeping a journal; or setting yourself reminders.  This is the danger zone, even if you fired the silver bullet, this is commonly where it gets lodged, and stuck. You've gotta find a way to keep yourself on track and moving forward.  No magic secret.  It's about discipline and creating new habits. 
  • Learn from any mistakes and re-direct as required.  Not everything will flow on your path to success, no matter how good your plan, vegicle or motivation.  But don't give up.  Take time occasionally to reflect on where you're at: what's working (so you can repeat it), and what's not (so you can improve it, find a better way or stop doing it).
  • Get help when you need. Ask loads of questions from people you respect - people who are already successful at doing what you're trying to do.  Keep learning new ways to refine your strategies. 
  • Stick at it, some more!  Don't give up working toward your goal.  Do give up the unhelpful mind-bashing you may be tempted to engage in. If the goal is important to you, keep at it.  Get back on the horse to ride another day. 
Simple, yes!  Easy? Not so.  I didn't promise a magic cure, but I did promise the real secret to success: It's UP TO YOU!

So, get to it.