12 October 2011

Five reasons why people who know a lot still FAIL!

Want to lose weight? The best diet plans, calorie counters and exercise advice are all available online.

Want to quit smoking? There's QuitLine, patches and anti-cancer campaigns to support the cause.

Want to make more money? There's shares, eBay trading, and a myriad of get-rich-quick schemes luring us from every angle.

Browse on Google for an hour and you can become an expert in just about anything. So why do so few people succeed at the goals they set themselves?

We set ourselves goals to make our lives better, and then fall flat a few days later? Man, we were soooo committed just a few days ago! We have all the resources in the world open to us ... And still we fail! Why?

Because it's not about what you know, or how much you know. Knowledge is NOT power! It's simply information. What we do with what we know is the difference between success and failure. ACTION is power. It's the 'doing' that makes the difference. And the ultimate power is doing the right thing at the right time.

So how do we stay motivated to do what we know we need to do? That's the million dollar question. (And the subject of one of my next posts, but for now, back on track)...

The 5 reasons people who know a lot still fail are:

1. They don't DO! Plain and simple, They don't action what they know. They're the masters of advice, the experts in everything, but the doers of little.  They're the 'Gunna's' of the world. (And hey, I know this trap, I've been gunna do quite a few things that I'm quite the ultimate expert in! :-))

2. They over-think! There's always new information and research to discount today's good ideas. So why do anything today, when there possibly may be a better way to do it tomorrow?  So the easiest thing to do is to just hold of, for now, at least, and maybe tomorrow... there will be new research, information and data to back up the plan... that they're still thinking about, considering some more. and sleeping on, just to make sure.

3. They fall victim to FEAR. Fear is the greatest stumbling block between you and greatness. People who fall victim to fear know it's a great idea, they know it'll work and may even have mapped it out perfectly, but there's the road-block of fear blocking the path.  It stalls them, halts progression and eventually forces them onto the easier road.

4. They listen to their own STORIES.  They create a story as to why it's not the right time, they find evidence that contradicts their initial great idea yet supports their story, and they become gun-shy.  They know a lot about why their idea can work, but find even more reasons why it can't.  Instead of relying on their instinct, and believing in their gut feel, they listen to the monkey-chatter of their brain: "It won't work because...", "There's other evidence to show ..."

5. They get caught in the Knowledge Trap.  They see knowledge as the ultimate power. They know a lot and they're proud of it.  They may even consider themselves as superior because of what they know.  And that's enough for them.  They don't even consider actioning what they know as a possibility.  They collect knowledge for knowledge's sake, and are too busy gaining more knowledge to be bothered doing anything with it.

So, if you're a knowledge collector and recognise any of the symptoms above that are stopping you from USING what you know, consider your goals. What do you really want from your life?  If it's simply to know a lot, keep learning.

If it's to make changes in your life, then you will need to take action.  Set a target, trust your instincts, create a plan and a schedule, and get on with it!  Stop looking for information to contradict your good ideas.

As NIKE say, "Just do it!" Short, sweet and powerful.  They don't say, "Just know it".