01 September 2011

Peek into your Blind Spot and increase your effectiveness.

Ever seen contestants on talent shows tell the judges how talented they are, only to perform and completely embarass themselves?

Or conversely, ever witnessed the most awesome person pass by an opportunity because they don't feel confident enough in their talent?

Rather than being truly aware of our skills and strengths, or our shortcomings, many people see themselves through a series of distorted lenses. Gaining personal insight and awareness can help enormously in our ongoing quest for self improvement and development.

Your personal drivers, motivations, behavioural style patterns and learning style can help, or perhaps hinder, your overall success.  A behavioural styles Profile can give you a glimpse into your Blind Spot, providing the insight required to leverage your strengths.  And provide the puzzle pieces to understanding others.

Here's a free online tool from Anthony Robbins, that provides a valuable interpretation  of your behavioural dimensions, and a personal action plan to improve your effectiveness:


(And thanks to Adam Scott from Steve Pitman Consulting for advising of this free tool.)