01 September 2011

Introvert, Extrovert ... Doesn't matter!

Luke Odell has become an overnight sensation, confidently singing his own song at the X Factor auditions, only to be turfed off by Nat Bass with "it's a no from me, but I'm still going to be singing that song.". Today, everyone is tweeting, singing and humming his catchy tune ... And it's skyrocketing up the iTunes chart, sitting at 51 at the time of writing. It's gone viral and catching on.

If you haven't seen it, watch it here.

Despite what you think of Luke's singing ability, it's a great message. For a practitioner of behavioral style tools, I love his bold message. Just be yourself, and that's just fine.

So many of us are trying to fit in, trying to be 'normal' and thinking that everyone else has got life figured but us. As Whoopi Goldberg once said, "Normal is just a cycle on the washing machine". There is no normal, there just IS. Stop trying to be normal, just BE. Stop trying to be someone you're not, just be happy to be you.

The only proviso... Be the best YOU that you can be. Introverted, extroverted, doesn't matter.