28 September 2011

Get Conscious! Life's better when you're aware.

There are lots of unconscious people walking this planet (including me from time to time, especially when I'm grocery shopping). The thing is, you miss out on an awful lot of life. You don't see the opportunities that cross your path or the beauty that surrounds you, and you don't connect fully into the relationships around you.
brain dead
Many people simply do the same stuff they did yesterday, because it's easy, habitual and unconscious. Now there's nothing wrong with that if you're perfectly fine with everything in your life. But if you have plans for a better future, want to go back to study, or take up a new hobby, you've gotta change the way you do things. That might mean you getting up earlier to study or practice, it might mean fitting classes into your already busy week. It takes commitment.

The most common excuses for maintaining a dissatisfying status quo is "I don't have the time/I'm too busy" or "I don't have the money/it costs too much" and "that's not really that important to me". It's all too easy to push your hopes and dreams away, as something that's just not possible for YOU.

Here's the thing ... Nothing changes if nothing changes. If you want to bring some of the hopes and dreams for your life back into focus, you've got to do things differently. As the cliche goes "Insanity I'd doing the same s*#t and expecting a different result". So if we want a different result, we've got to DO different stuff. Take different actions. And have a strategy in place so that we can continue to do those different things over the longer term.

If only it were that easy! Ever tried to lose weight? You commit to a health plan, you sign up to the gym, you're raring to go. Nothing can stop you from your plan. You're fanatical on the salad and walking for a day or so, then that chocky muffin lures you from your conviction. It's the chocky muffin you ALWAYS have when having coffee with friends. And suddenly you're too busy for that walk. So what happened? You started off SO well!

The thing is, you're conditioned to do things a certain way and it's really hard to change when you're not conscious about what you're doing. If you slip back to working from habit, the old habits creep back in. The thing is, we are victims of our thinking and emotions. And it's our thoughts and feelings that drive our actions. And most of our thoughts and feelings are habitual. So if we want to change what we do, we first need to get conscious and stay conscious. It's about managing your mindset and emotions instead of letting them drive you.

So how do we do this? Allow yourself to dream again (and notice what inspires you). Get conscious about what you really want from your life that you are compromising yourself on. Ask yourself a few questions:

  • "What would put a smile on my face?" (What do I enjoy?)
  • "What would my life look like if I was living it like I really wanted?" (What's on my bucket list that I would love to make happen? What's an important goal?)
  • "What's a couple of different ways I could make my goal happen?" (What are the options/pathways?)
  • "What would I need to DO?" (What are the steps I need to take, and when?)
  • "Who could help me along my journey?" (What support do I need, from whom?)
  • "How can I keep my plans alive / inspired?" (What will I do to keep my focus?)

These are some core questions to get you thinking about your life and what you want from it. When you start thinking about your life, you get conscious. And you get inspired. And you get excited. And that's a much richer way to live!