14 July 2011

My top 5 Apps and Programs

These are my all time favourites for making life and work easier:

  1. Hootsuite: This is a fabulous cloud application to manage all your Social Media sites from the one location. You can select which of your sites you'd like your posts to go to, you can defer posts, and you can also add images, links, location details etc.  And it's easy to keep abreast of all the feeds from your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, from the one dashboard.
  2. RoboForm: This is a time-saving Password Manager that also fills the form details when you login to different sites online (i.e. it automatically fills your username, password or other details required to access a site, so you don't have to keep re-typing these details every time you access your profiled sites online). 
  3. SnagIt: This is the most amazing program ever! (Well, if you need to use images in your documents at any rate).  This fabulous screen grab and image editing tool to capture and enhance images for use in your documents or web applications.  With screen recording, and loads of tools and effects, it's so easy to use!
  4. WhiteNote: This is a fabulous digital notebook application for the iPad which is great for taking notes at meetings, with clients and when brainstorming.  You can add images, audio recording and colour to each page, and you can structure your notes to pages and sections within each notebook.  Type or hand-write as you go then email or print your notes for everyone who needs them - fabulous!
  5. SnapSeed: This is a very cool and very fun photo Tweaker.  You can selectively adjust your photos to make them look like they've been tuned by a graphic designer.  You can add vintage films, dramatic effects abd grunge tones; add borders and vignettes; and tune, crop straighten and rotate images quickly and easily (see the picture I've added). 
That's the five ... but wait!  There's another that I just couldn't go past:  Dropbox!  Dropbox is a terrific free service that enable you to store and share files and folders between all your computers (home, office, iPad, iPhone etc).  Using cloud technology, you can access your files from any device and save yourself having to email files back and forth from home to the office.

If you have any great apps or programs that add to your productivity and sense of calm, please leave a comment and let me know....(From an app addict, I'd certainly appreciate it).