27 June 2011

Social Media is here to stay. It's time to get connected.

There's a lot of hype at the moment about Social Media. Everywhere you turn, there's another webinar, a new seminar, a free e-book and a gazillion tweets touting the power of the world wide web to connect with your friends, customers and colleagues. And if you're a little over-whelmed, it's no wonder!

Things are changing rapidly, and just as we get used to one platform, another comes along to tease and cajole us into setting up an account, just in case it's the next 'new' thing that will take over the world. There's so much to do online that we can become paralyzed, not knowing which step to take next.

The best resource I have found to simplify the chaos of our interconnected world is Gihan Perera. Using easy to understand language, he cuts through the hype to lay a pathway forward in the online journey. I'm currently reading his new book "Fast, flat and free" which is liberating and useful. Check it out!