03 June 2011

Reclaiming Social Media Control

Our social brains can quickly move to overload as we reach out online to stay connected and be part of the brave new social world on the web.  
We can spend huge amounts of time updating our online access points: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc.   Even more time reading and responding to other people’s postings.   And more again, getting hijacked by the things that interest us, but aren’t aligned to our current direction.  Then there’s the inane banter of everyday happenings to cut through, to get the gems.   Finally, when we’re done, we swap to the next access point to start over again.
That’s unless you have a social media dashboard to manage your accounts where you can see all the activity among your connections, from one place.  Tweetdeck and Hootsuite are just two of the terrific tools to save you time online and keep you sane. 
With functionality enabling you to manage all your accounts from the one dashboard, you can see and be seen easily.   You can also schedule updates to go out at pre-determined times.  By blocking writing time in your calendar daily or weekly to prepare your key messages in advance, you can keep your profile alive and visible to others, even when you’re too busy to go online. 
There are many different dashboards available, depending on what you’re aiming to monitor, manage and maintain.  Check out Socialbrite’s summary of the Top 10 social media dashboard tools.

And enjoy catching up with your conections online.