30 May 2011

Social Media Overload

There's Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Foursquare ....and that's just the beginning. The way of the new world is daunting, and a little overwhelming. Just as there's a little comfort and traction to be gained, another hot new trend emerges, or sometimes explodes online, to entice and distract us.
There's collaboration, curation and community crowd sourcing; there's blogs, wikis and virtual worlds; there's live-casting, game-sharing and social bookmarking. There's micro-blogging or tweeting, blogging or journalling, content managing or content aggregating.
Lord almighty, it's a brave new world with a whole new dictionary.
How does the average Joe get his or her head around even 5% of it all and know in which playground to build the next sandcastle?
And how much time do we waste setting up our new identity and login just so we can play?
And how much time do we invest thinking of something vaguely intelligent to write that hasn't already been said a million times before. And then writing it.
And does anyone care what we say anyway?
Are we too busy collecting networks, building numbers in our online communities and growing our social media portfolio to have the time to connect with the people in there? Or to truly engage in what they have to say?
Just asking.
Is anyone out there?