22 October 2010

A little bit of magic and a lot of fun!

Monday - the start of a new program for a new client.  We had 60 managers and sales executives from around Australia and overseas (including South Africa, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand) join us for 3 days to kick off a Sales and Leadership program. 

We covered a lot of ground and ended up with a group of very motivated people, that we will see again in early 2011.

We arranged a Guest Speaker for the Monday night dinner, Gary Edwards, to add to the magic of the event.  Gary is a lawyer by trade, and a magician to boot.  What better way to get sales people thinking about what it takes to build trust based relationships with clients than learning from a lawyer with slight of hand, who knows all the tricks.

Gary was informative, fun and ... well, magical!  A great way to end Day One - with a laugh, a sense of curiosity and a few good tips on collaborative conversations.

And what better way for us to start our Sales program than to collaborate with Gary, who shows pure magic in his field.