06 October 2010

DiSC Circumplex Public Accreditation

If you are interested in becoming DiSC accredited, we are offering a DiSC public accreditation in Adelaide in October.

DiSC is the most widely used tool for understanding human behaviour.  If you are a training or HR professional, DiSC is a valuable behavioural profiling instrument for your kit-bag, providing a strong foundation for leadership, sales and teams training. 

I personally love the new Circumplex  DiSC products, which are more comprehensive and better explain how to increase adaptability, communication and productivity between the different styles. 

The 2 day DiSC accreditation will equip you to:
  • Be able to present the DiSC theory model and use the Everything DiSC facilitation system.
  • Develop people reading skills.
  • Become proficient in DiSC application, administering and reporting in your workplace.
  • Acquire skills in electronic and interactive DiSC.
  • Produce and apply your own DiSC training plans.
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  • Use the new DiSC Circumplex profiles.

The 2 day Accreditation program provides an intensive introduction to DiSC, focusing on DiSC theory and the new DiSC Circumplex model, and providing practical application of the various DiSC instruments.

DiSC comes in a variety of applications for management, sales and workplace environments, and has exceptional validity and reliability (normed and validated for the Australasian population).

Accreditation dates are 27 and 28 October, 2010 from 9-5pm.  The accreditation fee is $1350 plus GST for the 2 day program.

For more information or to register your interest, please call me at Right Turn on +618 8357 7788.