07 September 2010

Presentation Zen - if you're serious about giving great presentations

Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery
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This is an absolute Must-Have if you're looking for the go-to book to upgrade your presentation design and impact.   Garr Reynolds guides you calmly through the key presentation steps of how to prepare, design and deliver a presentation, with a fitting reference to Zen principles that help add balance and order to your presentation.

Design principles to help you get the ideas out of your head are provided, with great hints on how to story-board your ideas so they follow a logical path.  And there is a key focus on how to prepare quality PowerPoint visuals that support and add to your presentation, rather than boring your audience or being a distraction.

Jam-packed full of great photo examples of before and after slides, this is a quality resource to help people become more confident in how to put together a great presentation that is backed up with terrific visual support and working examples.  I love this book!