28 September 2010

Learning how to touch people's hearts, with Amanda Gore

A terrific night with Amanda Gore CSP, as Guest Speaker at the National Speakers Association meeting in Adelaide last night.  Amanda is the consummate professional with a gift for making people laugh and making her message memorable.

Having seen Amanda bring an audience to tears of laughter with her trademark 'sparkly bits' and 'fluffy floaties', it was great to hear her deconstruct the process she uses to engage her audiences and help them learn.  

The essence of her message was to have fun and help the audience to have fun, hold a conversation with the audience rather than speak 'to' them, and create a learning environment in which the audience feels safe.  Her motto is to make people feel good about themselves, and she has the wonderful ability to touch people's hearts through her stories.

Amanda also spoke of the importance of humility as a speaker, of which she is a true master.  Personable, friendly and willing to chat, she demonstrated first hand her belief that speaking is about 'serving'. 

Some of her engagement techniques are those we use intuitively (it was great to hear the reasons why they work) while others are more skilful and need practicing.   It was a terrific night of learning and networking for speakers and trainers to get together and tweak their craft.