24 September 2010

How you can talk to almost anyone about almost anything - Crucial Conversations

Talk to almost anyone about almost anything. That's the promise made by the program and it delivers. 

When conversations turn crucial, we can be on our worst behaviour.  We're under pressure, emotions kick in and we act in self-defeating ways, turning the conversation and the relationship sour.

Managers from the University of SA, CGU Insurance, Real Property Matters, and Ladder, joined us over the last 2 days for the Crucial Conversations training, with the consensus being that the program was invaluable and would deliver a significant improvement in how they managed important wokplace conversations.  Not to mention helping participants with sticky situations in their personal lives. 

Many examples were shared of everyday situations that could have been handled better and gotten better results using Crucial Conversation skills.   Everyone felt empowered to make a difference in their work and personal relationships. And they were pleased to take away specific strategies that can be used to act on strong emotions rather than be acted on by them.

The program helps create self-awareness around your style under stress (the communication style you revert to when conversations start getting tense), and provides a pathway to action to get things back on track. 

We are excited about adding 'Crucial Conversations' to our program offering. If you are looking for a way to help your people speak up when they need to, address issues effectively and get projects delivered on time and on budget, contact us. 

We are offering the VitalSmarts programs which include Influencer, Crucial Conversations, and Crucial Confrontations in association with SevenSeventeen, the Australian Licensee of the VitalSmarts suite of programs.