09 September 2010

The Crows Leaders Program learning Continuous Improvement

Neil Craig explains his Leadership philosphy
We had a great day teaching Continuous Improvement as part of the Crows Leaders Program.   In the morning, the group learned the background to and principles of continuous improvement with all participants engaging in several activities designed to work through the principles required to facilitate change within their organisations.

Neil Craig (Head Coach of the Adelaide Crows) was the guest speaker of the day, providing his Leadership Philosophy and how that impacts on his decision making and coaching style, and how he looks to get the best out of his team.  Neil is strong on building character and having a strong guiding philosophy to fall back on when faced with a decision where it is all too easy to make the safe, popular or political decision.  This leadership philosophy helps him think through issues to make what he believes is the 'right' decision, even if not popular or political.  And it's the same philosophy he uses when faced with 'right' vs 'right' decisions where all options could be the right ones.

Travis Dodd and Alan Hickinbotham
A stand out quote was "We are human beings but we prove ourselves by our human doings".  Neil gave many examples from this years season, giving participants insights into what happened behind the scenes.

In the afternoon, all the participants got stuck into 'boat building', looking to improve their processes and performance in each round to achieve a required level of productivity.   They are a stand-out group, romping it in, in the last round, to achieve a best practice score of $9 per boat.  Well done to the team!